The system hangs while attempting to Post a form.

Post Form performs 3 functions:

1.Local Operation: Special XML & PDF files are created on the local drive.
If the program hangs here the culprit is typically a permissions issue. Make sure that the user has proper permissions to the folder where the Local Operation is attempting to create the files.
2.FTP Connection: GFS uses FTP protocol to upload files to the agency server.
If the program hangs here the culprit is typically an issue with a firewall.  Confirm that two-way traffic via the FTP port (21) is allowed to:
3.HTTP Connection: The uploaded files are parsed and distributed into the system.
The culprit here is typically a Proxy Server.   How do I know if my system is using a proxy server?

If your firm DOES have a proxy server in place, use the Proxy button in the File - Preferences window in GFS and enter the correct information.

If not, the issue is likely the result of an error on the server. Please contact Enlightened Software (407.331.0032) and notify them of the issue.
Any of these solutions MAY require the assistance of (or information from) your network administrator.