I don't see the Post button and can't post my form.

If the current form that is open in GFS is "postable" to Escambia County, FL then the Post button will appear on the top right of the screen to the immediate left of the page numbers. Additionally, make sure the agency name (ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL) appears in the bottom left corner of EVERY PAGE, if not, then you are not using the correct form.

Another reason the post button does not appear may be because the form does not have the correct name. The form naming conventions used in order to properly post forms are as follows:

SF 330 Part I
    escambia [ProjectNo].330
    Ex. escambia [PD 02.03-79].330
(FYI - GFS will automatically save your form with the correct name when you click the Save button.)

SF 330 Part II
(Since there is only one SF330 Part II on file at any particular agency, this name should NEVER be changed.)

This file naming convention helps both the GFS program AND you to easily identify which forms are designated for electronic submittals and which forms are for normal use.

Lastly, and sometimes most obviously, make sure you are using the correct (and most recent) version of GFS that was downloaded (and installed) from Escambia County, FL.  The regular version of GFS (from the Enlightened Software web site itself) does not provide the Electronic Submittal capabilities and will thereby never have a Post button available.