How do I generate an entirely new SF330 Part I?

Use the New Form command on the File menu to display this dialog and generate a new form. If the new form is for an electronic submittal to an agency make sure the Agency checkbox is selected at the top of the dialog box.

This process allows the user to select the number of pages for each section that he/she wishes available on a new form. After selecting the desired number of pages for each sectin click the Create Form button. Once generated, pages of the current form can easily be added, duplicated, shuffled or removed.

Special Note: SF330 Part I - Section H
As is often the case, more than 3 pages may be required for Section H of the SF330 Part I. If more than 1 page is selected it becomes necessary to remove the footer (Section I) from the bottom of all Section H pages except for the last one and the software does this for you automatically by using the correct files during the creation of the new form. Once again, the reason for this is that the footer for Section H (which is actually Section I) should not appear at the bottom of every Section H page, only on the last page of the form.